Will We Override?


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“It would include special education administrators, it would include classroom teachers, specialists. We would have reduced programming in the arts, in athletics. We would be looking at the elimination of freshman sports and potentially non varsity sports. We would be looking to increase fees, for parents to pay fees, for bus transportation for the arts, for athletics.”–Michelle Ayer, School Committee Chair


Residents are being asked whether or not we should override Prop 2 and half with a 7.9 million dollar override and permanently raise our property taxes so that we can maintain current services and fund different investments and needs. 

Without an override, we’d be about 6 million dollars short and would have to cut services and lay off 19 municipal employees and 46 positions in our schools. Both the Select Board and the Advisory Committee were unanimous in voting in favor of passing the override. Why?

My guests are Select Board Chair Bill Ramsey, School Committee Chair Michelle Ayer  and George Danis, Chair of Hingham’s Advisory Committee.