New Head for Hingham Schools: A Conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams


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“There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done…” – Dr. Margaret Adams

Reported Threats of Violence Against Administrators & School Committee Members

A conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams, incoming Superintendent of Hingham Public Schools. Adams responds to the recent, explosive school committee meeting where interim Superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas said he would request “bodyguards and a bunker to be installed in my home,” because of “the aggressive nature of some of our community members,” around the issue of mask mandates in local schools. Adams, whose contract was approved shortly before the disturbing revelations said, “There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done around the pandemic. We think the pandemic is over. It likely is not.” Noting that the school committee had earlier voted to lift the mask ban in public schools, she went on, “As we drop this mandate, we likely will be wearing masks again at some point. However, we’ve grown so much. Let’s build upon the resiliency, the perseverance of our young people, our educators, and build a stronger school and a stronger community.”

Incoming Superintendent of Schools Margaret Adams.

Adams Says Much Work to be Done

We also talk with Dr. Adams about social-emotional health of students; diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools; the potential of a new arts director for Hingham and what causes her the most stress as she thinks about the challenges ahead. “I’m afraid of not enough time,” Adams said. “Of not having enough time to do everything.” But she quickly pivoted to a positive tone, “My hope, in contrast to that, is to develop strong leaders and develop the leadership team so that it’s not one person doing that work. We have many people who are working together. I’m really hopeful around the strategic plan because that really can guide and support us in making those decisions. Many of your questions are asking me, what would I do now? It’s not about me, it’s really about Hingham. And whatever the consensus that comes from (the Strategic Plan) is saying what our vision is for Hingham. Now, let’s start to actualize that and put it into place.”