Mad Love


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“It was incredibly important to the two of us that cancer not define our family.” –Kathleen Jodka

A Love Story:

“Mad Love,” It’s how Kathleen and Dave Jodka would sign their notes to each other. The young couple had built a wonderful life–living in Scituate, raising their four children by the ocean. And then it came: cancer. “It rocked our world, totally rocked our world,'” said Kathleen. Though Dave’s initial prognosis was good, things took a turn in 2014 and Dave would not survive the year. “Our babies were babies,” Kathleen said.

But this isn’t a story of sadness. As Dave lay dying, he and Kathleen planned for their children and what they could do to keep them connected to Dave and their memories. “He and I decided early on–it was incredibly important to the two of us that cancer not define our family.” Their family would instead be defined by joy and music and community. And so came the seeds of The Mad Love Music Festival.

Rock ‘n Roll is Here to Stay:

Listen in to this week’s episode. I sit down with Kathleen who shares stories of her husband and the teenage dream of being a rock ‘n roll star he could never shake. We meet one of the first recipient’s of the Dave Jodka Scholarship for Future Rockers, Darcy Milligan. Darcy auditioned in 8th grade to help launch the teen rock band Toast. He says the band laid the foundation that helped him embrace his authentic self. We also talk with Erik Calderone, the band’s coach at the time. The conversation is beautiful and, in many ways, unexpected. Join us! 

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