Local Elections: Town Clerk


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Local elections matter. The people we vote into office have an enormous amount of power over our town and day-to-day lives. When the pandemic hit, our worlds shrank. How, or if, our communities adapted was laid bare. From public safety and school funding to property assessments and public health enforcement, the effectiveness of local government is inextricably tied to the people we put into office. In Hingham, the Town Clerk is the only salaried, elected official and it is a critical, public-facing job. Ally sits down with the four candidates vying for the open seat: Carol Falvey, Libby Lewiecki, Laura Marwill and Tom Patch. Several of the candidates have been visible and active in presidential politics or local committees. Ally asks them how they would reassure voters who don’t agree with their politics that they will be fair and impartial in the election process. She also asked them to lay out what fresh ideas they would bring to the office and how they would champion the state’s open meeting and public records laws. Enjoy the conversation!