Episode 6: It’s Lonely – When Remote Learning Gets Too Remote

Episode 6_ It's Lonely (1)

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Thank you for listening to the Hingham ‘Cast. In this episode, we start a conversation (one we don’t expect to end anytime soon) about child mental health. We talk with Hingham Middle Schooler Sophie Deane and her mom Karen. We hear how Sophie switched from hybrid to fully-remote learning and how lonely this pandemic can be.

The Deane Family

Karen, who works long hours as a hospice nurse was also caring for her ailing dad and knew things were bad at home. Her kids were alone for long stretches. Sophie was taking care of her little brother Connor, but many days the real babysitter for both of them was devices. Her kids were changing, Karen said, “It felt like we were getting to the point where I wasn’t going to get my old kids back. I needed to be a parent again.”

So she put her job on hold, packed their bags and passports.

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