Back-to-School Mental Health Tips

“Kids are watching us all the time, so how we talk about someone who’s struggling with depression or anxiety, how we jump in to help, the words we use, and how we talk about how we’re feeling is going to be super helpful for them to be able to begin to identify their own feelings … Read more

Local Elections: School Committee

There are three open seats for the Hingham School Committee. Four candidates are running: Aly Anderson, incumbent Nes Correnti, Matt Cosman and Matt LeBretton.     If elected, they will help make up a volunteer body that has oversight of and responsibility for the school system, has the power to approve budgets, hire and fire … Read more

New Head for Hingham Schools: A Conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams

“There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done…” – Dr. Margaret Adams Reported Threats of Violence Against Administrators & School Committee Members A conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams, incoming Superintendent of Hingham Public Schools. Adams responds to the recent, explosive school committee meeting where interim Superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas said he would request … Read more

Hingham: Blizzard of 2022

On this episode, we talk with Hingham Meteorologist Michael Page about the Blizzard of 2022. Page shares why this storm was declared a blizzard, our snow totals and how they’re measured, how the blizzard ranks in terms of other historic South Shore storms and the effects of climate on this and other storms. The local … Read more

Joyful Noise: Hingham Bell Ringers

“It’s deceptively simple, but it’s going to take a lifetime to figure out how to do well.” –Jason Ryan, Bell Ringer Steeped in History The first thing you see when you open the thick, black door to Hingham’s Memorial Bell Tower is a hulking rock that looks like a big, misshapen potato. “Unpeeled!” calls out … Read more

South Shore Brew

“We’ve always had this thing together of, you know, a rising tide lifts all ships.” –Dino Funari, Vitamin Sea Brewing The Brewers: Mike Dyer (Untold Brewing), Russ Heissner (Barrel House Z) and Dino Funari (Vitamin Sea Brewing) are no doubt competitors, but they are fierce supporters of each other first. “We’ve always had this thing … Read more

Two Carnivores Walk Into a Plant Bar…

“I get a little inquisitive, concerned, I’m not sure how do they do it.” –Ben Cutler, Meat Eater The Concept We bring two of Hingham’s biggest meat-eaters to Cambridge to check out Plant Pub. The concept restaurant is a new eatery from Hingham native Pat McAuley and celebrated chef Mary Dumont. Along with a thoughtful … Read more

Storm Warning: Are You Covered?

    “And the guy said, ‘Do you have sump pump failure insurance?’”–Homeowner Rory Early Damage Done Thirty-five dollars. That’s what would have been added to their annual homeowner’s insurance policy says Rory Earley. “We just moved here two years ago from a high rise in the city,” the Hingham mom said. “We didn’t know … Read more

Hingham ‘Cast Profile: John Serafini

“A lot of our work occurs both in the classified and confidential realm.” –John Serafini   HawkEye 360 Hingham’s John Serafini is the CEO of a company called HawkEye 360. It’s a radio frequency and data analytics firm that uses space-based satellites to detect, locate and analyze data from devices like walkie-talkies, satellite phones and … Read more