Will We Override?

“It would include special education administrators, it would include classroom teachers, specialists. We would have reduced programming in the arts, in athletics. We would be looking at the elimination of freshman sports and potentially non varsity sports. We would be looking to increase fees, for parents to pay fees, for bus transportation for the arts, … Read more

New Head for Hingham Schools: A Conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams

“There’s a lot of healing that needs to be done…” – Dr. Margaret Adams Reported Threats of Violence Against Administrators & School Committee Members A conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams, incoming Superintendent of Hingham Public Schools. Adams responds to the recent, explosive school committee meeting where interim Superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas said he would request … Read more

Update: Hingham Public Schools

“Every day is a new challenge that we may not have an answer for.” – Interim Sup’t Gary Maestas Gary Maestas has been on the job for just two months. He says he spends most of his time as interim superintendent of Hingham Public Schools putting out fires. “There was a void, not having a … Read more

Back to School with Delta

“I understand both sides of the argument and this is where the difficulty comes in. For every bit of research that you can find and documentation that you can find for not wearing masks, you have compelling arguments on the other side and, you know, it’s very powerful.” –Gary Maestes, Hingham Public Schools Gary Maestes … Read more