Will We Override?

“It would include special education administrators, it would include classroom teachers, specialists. We would have reduced programming in the arts, in athletics. We would be looking at the elimination of freshman sports and potentially non varsity sports. We would be looking to increase fees, for parents to pay fees, for bus transportation for the arts, … Read more

Local Elections: Select Board

It is arguably one of the most powerful positions in town. Three people are vying for the open seat on Hingham’s Select Board. It’s a demanding and often thankless job. Hingham’s Select Board members earn an annual stipend of $2,000. The Board met publically 80 times last year. Responsibilities The Board calls town meeting and … Read more

Local Elections: Town Clerk

Local elections matter. The people we vote into office have an enormous amount of power over our town and day-to-day lives. When the pandemic hit, our worlds shrank. How, or if, our communities adapted was laid bare. From public safety and school funding to property assessments and public health enforcement, the effectiveness of local government … Read more