Delta and the Vulnerable

“I have to ask myself, is this worth a wheelchair? And the answer is always no.” – Sonia Steele, living with MS Sonia Steele was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. Flare ups are triggered by stress and environmental factors. So when a worldwide pandemic hit, the Hingham mom and her family did what they … Read more

Local Elections: Select Board

It is arguably one of the most powerful positions in town. Three people are vying for the open seat on Hingham’s Select Board. It’s a demanding and often thankless job. Hingham’s Select Board members earn an annual stipend of $2,000. The Board met publically 80 times last year. Responsibilities The Board calls town meeting and … Read more

Local Elections: Town Clerk

Local elections matter. The people we vote into office have an enormous amount of power over our town and day-to-day lives. When the pandemic hit, our worlds shrank. How, or if, our communities adapted was laid bare. From public safety and school funding to property assessments and public health enforcement, the effectiveness of local government … Read more

Back to School with Delta

“I understand both sides of the argument and this is where the difficulty comes in. For every bit of research that you can find and documentation that you can find for not wearing masks, you have compelling arguments on the other side and, you know, it’s very powerful.” –Gary Maestes, Hingham Public Schools Gary Maestes … Read more

Self Harm: When Kids Cut

When I asked her how many times she had done it, she said, “Thousands. Thousands of times.” Thousands of times Danielle took a razor, a staple—anything she could find and dug it into her skin until she drew blood. It’s called self harm or self injury. Experts say one in five adolescents are affected by … Read more

Hingham Real Estate Boom: Tight Supply, Soaring Demand

Hingham has historically been a strong real estate market, but the last year is unprecedented in many ways. “It’s crazy,” says Jill O’Donnell. “It feels like all logic has gone out the window.” That’s how the Hingham mom describes her exhausting hunt for a new home. The pandemic has fueled a suburban real estate boom … Read more

Episode 11: Back to School (Take 2)

Thank you for listening to the Hingham ‘Cast. This past year has been hard in a thousand different ways. How our kids have suffered and risen to the occasion time and time again is inspiring. I have griped and groaned, cheered and screamed at the frustrations of remote learning, the loss of connection with my … Read more

Episode 9: Fight Club–Booking a Vaccine in Massachusetts

People are crowdsourcing tips on Facebook. They’re setting alarms to wake up in the middle of the night and refresh their browser. They’ve set up multiple computers and phones to be ready to pounce when the time comes… So goes the hunt to book appointments for people aged 65 and older to get vaccines in … Read more