Joyful Noise: Hingham Bell Ringers

“It’s deceptively simple, but it’s going to take a lifetime to figure out how to do well.” –Jason Ryan, Bell Ringer Steeped in History The first thing you see when you open the thick, black door to Hingham’s Memorial Bell Tower is a hulking rock that looks like a big, misshapen potato. “Unpeeled!” calls out … Read more

Nature’s Great Escape

“I’m not depressed, but I’m not exactly happy. I’m meh.” The Great Escape This episode was absolutely selfish. I’ve been in a really funky space lately. I’m not depressed, but I’m not exactly happy. I’m meh. I feel like I’m in this weird in-between. It doesn’t feel like the height of Covid, but it still … Read more

Delta and the Vulnerable

“I have to ask myself, is this worth a wheelchair? And the answer is always no.” – Sonia Steele, living with MS Sonia Steele was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. Flare ups are triggered by stress and environmental factors. So when a worldwide pandemic hit, the Hingham mom and her family did what they … Read more

Pivoting in a Pandemic: Locales Tacos y Tequila

“Sometimes chaos breeds innovation and opportunity. So, I said, you know what? Here’s an opportunity.” ~ Brian McLaughlin Opening a restaurant is incredibly challenging in the best of times. Now throw in a global pandemic.  Brian McLaughlin, owner of Locales Tacos y Taqueria has hit many a roadblock in his path to launch the much-anticipated … Read more

South Shore Bar Pizza

“Until you’ve actually tasted it and had it, I just don’t think you fully understand.” –Mark Gould This week, we dive into the hot-from-the-oven world of South Shore bar pizza. There are fierce rivalries, ferocious loyalties and opinions on everything from burnt edges to baked beans (don’t even get them started on pineapple). It’s a … Read more

Hingham Real Estate Boom: Tight Supply, Soaring Demand

Hingham has historically been a strong real estate market, but the last year is unprecedented in many ways. “It’s crazy,” says Jill O’Donnell. “It feels like all logic has gone out the window.” That’s how the Hingham mom describes her exhausting hunt for a new home. The pandemic has fueled a suburban real estate boom … Read more