Will We Override?

“It would include special education administrators, it would include classroom teachers, specialists. We would have reduced programming in the arts, in athletics. We would be looking at the elimination of freshman sports and potentially non varsity sports. We would be looking to increase fees, for parents to pay fees, for bus transportation for the arts, … Read more

You Are Not Alone

Photo courtesy of Portraits by Gwen


I wish I didn’t feel so woefully inadequate in finding words to describe where we are. Maybe there are no words. Maybe I have no idea.

What I do know is that people are in pain. People need help and we all need each other.

Photo courtesy Sarah Emmott

In this week’s episode I talk with three women trying to help our community. Susan Sarni, Hingham’s executive health officer is helping lead an effort to deliver a kind of one-stop shop for health and wellness through town resources. It’s a work in progress, and they want to hear from us on what we think could help our community, but they are amplifying services for mental health, physical and spiritual health and addiction. Heather Rodriguez, director of counseling for Hingham Public Schools shares what counselors are seeing with our students and what is currently and will soon be available to help them.

Kathleen Bambrick is a social worker with Aspire Health Alliance. We talk about the importance of normalizing the conversation around mental health (whole person health!) and what resources they are offering to help local families immediately.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Cutler.

I hope you find value in the conversation and will lend your voice to the process. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please call the crisis lifeline at 988. You are not alone and people want to help you.

You’ll notice these beautiful pictures from local photographers. It’s a reminder to me of the natural wonders of Hingham and how much value I get from getting outside and connecting with nature. I’m grateful they’ve shared them and I will share many more on The Hingham ‘Cast Instagram page. Take a look when you get a minute: https://www.instagram.com/thehinghamcast/

When Crisis Hits, Call This Woman

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Back-to-School Mental Health Tips

“Kids are watching us all the time, so how we talk about someone who’s struggling with depression or anxiety, how we jump in to help, the words we use, and how we talk about how we’re feeling is going to be super helpful for them to be able to begin to identify their own feelings … Read more

Local Elections: School Committee

There are three open seats for the Hingham School Committee. Four candidates are running: Aly Anderson, incumbent Nes Correnti, Matt Cosman and Matt LeBretton.     If elected, they will help make up a volunteer body that has oversight of and responsibility for the school system, has the power to approve budgets, hire and fire … Read more

New Head for Hingham Schools: A Conversation with Dr. Margaret Adams

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Hingham: Blizzard of 2022

On this episode, we talk with Hingham Meteorologist Michael Page about the Blizzard of 2022. Page shares why this storm was declared a blizzard, our snow totals and how they’re measured, how the blizzard ranks in terms of other historic South Shore storms and the effects of climate on this and other storms. The local … Read more

Joyful Noise: Hingham Bell Ringers

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